1. What does a Captain do? 

Your main role is to get folks signed up on a team. That's it. You're also welcome to pick up and distribute prizes to your team should it win one of the weekly Completion prizes. During the challenge, Captains are encouraged to remind their team members about recording their minutes before the cut off point for the week to be eligible for those prizes (see below).

2. I don't "exercise." How can I participate in goFit?

If you move your body from one place to another you're already goFit'ing. Walk between buildings? Take the stairs? Walk to the bus? Play with the kids? You're goFit'ing (see What Counts, below).

If you are currently incapacitated from moving your whole body, and/or spend minutes practicing say eye movements or toe circles or anything where your focus is movement, you're participating in goFit.

We have a whole section in gofit (which you'll see once the Challenge starts) devoted to keyboard athletes: how to move eyes, wrists, fingers, feet, toes, ankles, all to reduce fatigue, rsi creep, eye strain, improve alertness, that can be done at one's desk and all that make up movement. 

We'll also have tips and opportunities galore where you can participate in goFit movement events, sponsored by Sport & Wellbeing.

3. I'm busy and already work out. WIll I have time for gofit? 

That's excellent! All you need to do is record your minutes. As long as it takes to go to the web page  and type in the time is all it takes. We also have a mobile ap to make movement minute entry even easier.

4. Why should I join a team? I already work out (and am a bit of an introvert)

Team Interaction is as social or solo as you wish.

The best teams are ones where folks help others be inspired to start and keep moving. Sometimes that inspiration is by example.

If you already exceed the weekly target, maybe you'll be a model of inspiration, just from your team members seeing your minutes.

Also you'll help us understand what a "regular" fitness practice looks like. Recent studies seem to show that even folks with such a current regular workou practice improve when in virtual teams seeing others' performance.

In either case, the main challenge for you will be to remember to add your minutes.

5. What Counts as a Minute? 


Each week a minumum number of minutes is set for you to move.

Anything you want to count as a movement minute counts towards your own weekly and your team's weekly minutes. It's up to you. 


Let's consider someone who's just starting to get moving, and the new thing is to walk to the bus stop. WAY TO GO! count those minutes! Or, someone who takes the stairs through the challenge instead of taking the elevator. YES! go for it, count those minutes!

On the other hand, someone who's been working out for awhile may not want to count their twenty minute walk to campus; they may only want to count their time "working out" - That is their choice; either is fine.

Some folks teach movement classes; some folks are on teams and spend hours a week trainging - it's their job not to be sedentary - they're potentially going to have a lot more minutes than most. That's ok!

Another way to Count Movement Minutes: Heart Rate

One of the benefits of movement is to get our heart rates up above "normal" not moving or resting levels. Take your pulse for a minute sitting down at some point during the day (NHS:how to take your pulse). Then take it when you're just standing and talking with someone. Now you have some typical heart rates. Then take it after you've been walking - or gone up a flight of stairs. Is your pulse higher? How much? for how long? If you're getting your heart up, you're doing some work and that's good. Just remember to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program

The advantage of checking your heart rate from time to time is that it shows you how you're improving. If you do stairs every day, your heart rate should be lower after two weeks of doing those stairs at the same pace. And then it may be time to try a little faster or add another flight to keep that heart rate up and keep getting stronger.

6. But what about Prizes? Some teams have HOURS A DAY! It's not FAIR. WHA!

Prizes are NOT given based on number of minutesAny team where each member completes the MINIMUM weekly minutes is EQUALLY elibigle to win a prize for that week. All eligibile teams are put into the pool for a draw where the winning team for that week is randomly selected from the pool of eligible teams. It's that simple.

All you have to do is

  1.  make sure each team member has the minimum  no. of minutes entered per week
  2.  the minutes are all entered BEFORE 9am on Monday morning of the New Minute Week. So, week 1 minutes must all be entered before Monday 9am, week 2.

For the PROFESSIONALS By the way, any team that has fitness professionals on it (like full time athletes or coaches) we ask to only count your personal practice/training minutes - nothing work related.

So again, record your minutes: use the goFit site or mobile ap page to record your minutes either after each event, at the end of the day or end of the week. Watch your performance improve over the four week trial.

8. What's the Point of the Teams/Leaderboard?

TEAMS: There's some fairly new research working going on that suggests that awareness of others' participation in a physical activity helps spur on others who can see this, and who are sharing these goals. So - on our teams we see how each of folks' we know is doing: we can support each other and be mutually inspired.

LEADERBOARD: There's other work to suggest that sometimes friendly rivalry/competition among near peers can also be motivating. Pick a team that you know, or one whose performance seems close to yours: can you do better next week?? A strategy, where a current friendly competition between teams does not exist, is to pick a fellow team that is within reach, rather than significantly ahead or behind current standing.

Team to Team Challenges: You'll also be able to pick teams to act as challengers - either teams of people you know or you don't know. You can for instance pick a team that looks pretty similar to yours in terms of minutes and see how you do during the week, to nudge you on. Competitions like these can be a formal or informal as you wish, or just for you.

9. What do i get out of Participating, then?

Besides the chance to win a prize recognizing your team's successful movement minutes, people who move more get Healthier and Smarter - research shows that movement has tremendous benefits not only for physical wellbeing but cognitive performance too. 

10. Who's idea is this anyway?

The goFIT challenge is a University wide challenge, hosted by Sport and Wellbeing, sponsored by the VC Education's Office through the Student Centredness Fund,  SUSU, The Faculty of Medicine, and the Human Performance Desing Lab in Electronics and Computer Science of the Faculty of Phyiscal and Applied Sciences. It has been inspired by the GetFit Challenge hosted by MIT's Faculty of Medicine.