Road Map to Week 13 or what to do after goFIT

by m.c. schraefel on

What can you get out of goFIT that goes beyond week 12?

A wee story - some years ago when i was trying to rebuild my fitness, i did a 90day program. Followed it religiously in order to get ripped, and strong and all those things such programs promise. It was v. intense, but a question that kept coming up as the weeks ticked on was what do i do on day 91? I had no idea. In other words, by just following this program, i wasn't building up knowledge to help me figure out either what to do on day 91 or for the rest of my life.

So, something we at goFIT would like to offer you, is while building your movement minutes, you can also gain some knowledge that will help you prepare for and make decisions about what you'd like to explore come week 13.

So in tne set of blog posts, i'd like to offer you some ideas around wellbeing and health that might help you get more out of goFIT now, but especially help you have a fabulous week 13 and beyond. These are ideas and models about us and how we work - to the best of current understanding - so that if someone asks "why are you doing movement minutes" for instance, you'll have not only some reasons to offer them about the challenge and the role of movement in wellbeing, but also some models of practice for yourself to help keep up your hard won momentum after the challenge. You'll know why movement is important and how to think about it so you can make informed choices about moving. Same with a few other things like eating, sleeping, socialising and cogitating. According to the research we can find (and pretty blatant facts of life), these are all core parts of being healthy. Eg: don't eat, we die. But eat too much, we also induce a disease state - or a set of them - and die. What's the sweet spot? how do we find it?

Helping address these questions is what the week 13 blog is about.

Some of the topics i'd like to touch on in the coming weeks are

  1.   What does it mean to be "healthy" and why should we care?
  2.   Our bodies - of which our brains area a part - are complex systems (complex i'm sure is about to replace nuero as the new black - you watch): how is this complexity an advantage and disadvantage to being healthy?
  3.   What is a model for being able to tune this complex system
  4.   What makes movement so important or why is goFIT focused on movement first?
  5.   There's all sorts of exercise and workout plans - how do we figure out what to do?
  6.   Likeiwse there are tons of diets. How do we figure out what to eat?  
  7.   Sleep is the often undiscussed component in health. What makes it so important? Do we know? How do we know how much sleep to get?
  8.   Socialising affects our quality of life and is realted to mortality - like just about anything else we do there are skills around their performance. How can we get better at socialising and how do we know how much to get
  9.   Like socialising engaging deeply in ideas seems to have protective and anti-aging benefits. How do we practice good ideation to build up a disease resitant brain? In a university this may seem an odd thing to ask, but we may want to see how well we're doing.
  10.  Balance & Ratios & Priorities - our best health practices are counterintuitive and counter culture - how do we make "better" normal?  

Do you have questions about these questions ?

Or - what would you like to be able to do or know by week13 to keep improving your wellbeing?

Look forward to hearing from you


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This is so true> Unfortunately I got injured week 12.. Have just discovered this Blog. I have been on crutches for 7 weeks and am very well aware of the social requirements to staying healthy as well as dietary and the need for movement.
Some people are questionning why I should be recieving benefits such as NHS health care and sick pay when my injury is caused by skiing. I'm not sure if they would also question health care for those who smoke or are obese or who get alcohol poisoning? I am starting to question myself, but know first hand the mental well being that skiing brings me, and also now, the mental lows that no exercise and social isolation causes me. I look forward to getting back to health and reading more of week 13 and beyonds blog.
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