How to Eat to Burn Fat while doing GoFIT

by m.c. schraefel on

An easy approach to burning more fat while pumping up movement minutes is to focus on more food - of a particular kind: whole (minimally processed) food. Here's what to look for:

  • food where you can identify exactly what that food is.
  • veggies - greens rock - legumes like chick pease, lentils etc -
  • stuff that formally had eyes
  • things from stuff that has eyes - like eggs

If we eat bread or pasta or cereral or processed foods in general, we can't see what's in them - how much of that donut is trans fats? how much is refined flour or sugar?



How much of that orange juice is fake pulp? how much is added sugar? how much water?

Likewise, we can't see what's been pulled out of these products, either. In the processing, what nutrients have been removed? When we're told vitamins have been added in, that should make us rather suspicious: why are they being added in? weren't they there in the first place? Do added in things have the same effect as naturally occuring?

Here's one other problem with processed foods: reduced satiety cues

Because of the stuff taken out, it seems, research in the past couple years suggests that cues that tell our body we're full, we've eaten enough, are reduced. So we eat more, and yet still feel less satisfied when we finally stop and hungry thereafter.

Here's another thing: because of the processing of these foods, the energy needed to break them down and digest them is significantly less than their whole food counterparts, too. 

Helping Yourself to Burn Fat via Food Selection

So, if part of the goal is perhaps to shed a little non-contractile tissue (ie, fat) during GetFit then one way to do it is load up on way more unprocessed stuff: let the ratio of whole identifiable food go up - way up - against anything in a package with a label that lists a variety of ingredients (esp ones that include sugars).

There are advantages: we can eat as many greens a day as we wish - they're so low cal and nutrient rich well, we can just go for it. AND if we want to feel full for longer, up the protein in a meal (stuff that had eyes, or for vegetarians, getting loads of dark color combinations on the plate).

Why not try this approach - if it's new - for two weeks - and see how you feel?