Want to lose weight (burn fat)? EAT MORE of these things.

by m.c. schraefel on

When many of us try to start burning off the fat in our bodies we immediately assume we must convert everything to LESS. Less fat, less starch less desert less less less.

That's not a great place to start, according to Ryan Andrews. He suggest concentrating on doing MORE than doing less.

Ryan Andrews (interview here) is a Nutrisitionst, has in fact writtent a text book for a nutrition grad course, and is author of Drop the Fat Act and Start Living Lean (here's a Review of the book, available on kindle, too). One of his great (as in fantastic), big suggestions, is focus instead on eating MORE - more of the right stuff.

A simple way to characterize the right stuff? It's GREEN.

A green whole (unprocessed) food is going to be nutrient dense rather than calorie dense- that means it's going to be packed with lots of the stuff we need to function as human beings and reduced in the things we're trying to avoid - surplus calories.

IF we start to learn to eat MORE of the good stuff -MORE of the TIME as in every time we eat - then the stuff we don't need - that is calorie dense and nutrient poor (anything that comes out of a package where we can't identify what's in it by looking at it) - starts to take care of itself.

Hungry? having a craving? focus on the MORES.

A tip to get into the groove of the green more?

Eat something green every time we eat.

No kidding. 

Find something green to have with one's snack. Focusing on making MORE GREENs a success may mean re-thinking what a mid afternoon snack is, and that's ok too. That's where we do some preparation we talked about last time.

Like take to work a snaplock container of spinach leaves with shredded carrots and black beans and spices. Or put together a bag of brocolli - raw or cooked and take along some packets of hot sauce (zero calories) for dipping.

green veg


IF we focus on having greens every time we eat we're doing a few good things for our brains and our bodies

  1. we're giving ourselves lots of opportunities to practice our committment to ourselves: yes i said i was going to eat better to burn off some fat and look, i'm doing it again.
  2. we actually need lots of reps - thousands - to build up habits. practicing greens each time we eat is a great way to build reps to say we know how to get greens into our lives
  3. eating MORE greens (and we could eat bags of spinach and have room to spare in claories) is a great way to start feeling more full, get good nurtients and start replacing the less valuable, higher caloric stuff that's not doing us any good



Rather than focus on what we think we have to give up to eat better, live better and feel better, as Ryan Andrews suggests, why not focus on the MORE - in this case, eat MORE greens.

Work on that one, and we can talk about MORE healthy fats that are so delicious, satisfying and good for us, in the weeks to come.


As per our first post on preparation: consider what you need to do to be successful at eating GREEN with EVERY time you eat - eg, any time you put something in your mouth, there's a whole green food associated with that intake.

Does this mean preparing green stuff for snacks? shopping for green stuff to have in the fridge/freezer?

If so, how many days in advance do you need to have to prepare for the More GReen practice run? What's the target date to begin?

When you're ready: Two week Trial Run

Try eating something green with each "feeding" (not a very exciting term, true, but not each eating session is a meal). Keep a simple log:

did you just eat? didi it include something green? yes or no. At the end of the day see what percentage of feeding opportunities you won, and how many, well, ya didn't. Give yourself the two weeks to make daily improvements.

Do you feel any better? Do you feel more energetic? lighter? how's your sleep? how's your waistline? how's your skin?
What's your percentage of More-ness? 50%? 80%? 100%

Bottom Line:

For wellbeing success, it can pay off to start thinking about where we can have and do MORE rather than what we may need to do LESS.