GroundFlow Week 8

by Ken Froese on

Week 8

Knee circles 

This is one of my favorite drills for knee mobility.

This one is a little tough to descibe so its best to watch the video.  Since it will be "stressing" your knees at angles they may not be used to, go slow and use your hands before attempting to perform them without hands.



1. Z-Sit, reach forward, alternate sides

2. Seiza to squat

3. Z-Sit switch 

4. Staggered stance squat R

5. Staggered stance squat L

6. Staggered stance squat with shin roll R

7. Staggered stance squat with shin roll L

8. Z-Sit switch with arm screw

9. Z-sit switch with hip extension

10. Z-sit switch to squat with arm screw R

11. Z-sit switch to squat with arm screw L

12. Z- Sit lay to side shoulder circle

13. Knee circle L

14. Knee circle R

15. Forward to backroll roll  Unforunately my camera shut off after only a few rolls.  Try and do at least 10 rolls alternateing shoulders with each rep.