GroundFlow Week 7

by Ken Froese on

GroundFlow Week 7

This week we begin forward rolls from the knees.

Again I want to emphasize there should be no pressure on the head or neck as we roll.  You should be able to pick your head up so it does not make contact with the ground as you roll.

You will learn more trying to roll slowly, then just using momentum and trying to "blast" through it.

1. Begin on knees, hands shoulder witdth and a half apart

2. With both hands on the ground, as you straighten and internally rotate one arm bring that shoulder to the ground.  The opposite are will come up to a "push up" position, your head will tuck under the bent arm.

3. If you are rolling over the left shoulder, put your head toward the right knee and pick up the right leg to start the forward movemnet.

4. Initiate the roll with an exhale, and continue to exhale through the movement.

We will begin with the "workout" again next week, But for now just work on the fundamentals of rolling.