GroundFlow Week 6

by Ken Froese on

GroundFlow Week 6

Rolling Rolling Rolling....

This week we begin backward rolls.

Since there is a lot of vestibular stimulation with rolling, go slow.  If you feel dizzy stop until you feel "recovered", ease into rolling by adding more reps each day.

Also you should feel no pressure on your neck when your rolling.  Since these same rolls can be performed on concrete the head and neck should not even be touching the ground.  If you feel any neck strain, stop and analyze what you are doing.

In the video I'm rolling on a carpet over concrete, you can use a yoga mat if you want a little cushion or go outside on the grass.

Begin by warming up the spine by performing leg raises, try getting your feet to touch the ground over your head.  Depending upon your current flexibility this may take a little time.  Then alternate your knees to the side of the your head.

Then just continue over onto the knees.

You will learn more by trying to roll slowly, than speeding through with momentum.

I did not include a "workout" with this video.  Work on backward rolls as a warm up and then combime some of the previous drills into a 10-15 min training session.  Try and keep moving the whole time.

Next week we will work on forward rolls....