GroundFlow week 4

by Ken Froese on

Week 4

This week we are adding a straight back sit up and hip extension from Z-sit position, so we can rise from the floor without using our hands.

Warm up with arm screw on wall, really try and emphasize moving your thoracic spine from flexion to extension.

In this training session we will be working for time again, except for the no hands get up at the end which we will be performed for 10 reps.


1.  Seiza position to squat, use hands

2.  Seiza position to squat, without hands

3.  Squats, exhale down - inhale up

4.  Squats, inhale down - exhale up

5.  Staggered stance squat left

6.  Staggered stance squat right

7.  Z-sit switch with arms behind back

8.  Z-sit switch without hands

9.  Z-sit switch with arm screw

10.  Z-sit with arm screw to squat circling to left

11.  Z-sit with arm screw to squat circling to right

12.  Straight back sit up to Z-sit, hip extension, to standing