GroundFlow week 3

by Ken Froese on

This week we start facing a wall to learn the arm screw mechanics, which lead into a thoracic spine mobility drill.

On the floor we learn the z- sit position.

1, Practice z-sit switches with arms behind back. Feet stay on the floor, drop knees side to side.

2. Practice z-sit switches with the arm screw

3. Practice z-sit switches without arms

4. Practice z-sit switches combining arm screw and squat

Once you practiced the movements a bit, we will combine them with some of last weeks exercises into a short training session.

Instead of working for reps, try working for time. I set an interval timer for 45 seconds.  Feel free to shorten or lengthen the time to your comfort level.

1.  Seiza position to squat, use hands

2. Seiza position to squat, without hands

3. Squats, exhale down - inhale up

4. Squats, inhale down - exhale up

5. Squats, hold breath on the inhale and perform as many reps as possible

6. Z-sit with arms behind back

7. Z-sit with arm screw

8  Z-sit with arm screw to squat circling to left

9  Z-sit with arm screw to squat circling to right


Video:  https://vimeo.com/88933143