GroundFlow Week 2

by Ken Froese on

Welcome to week 2

This week we are covering the basic straight back bodyweight squat, stagered stance squat and seiza position.  

For the squat, keep the feet around shoulders width apart and turn the toes out around 15-20 degress.

Try and keep a "big chest" as you go down which will inturn help keep your spine straight / neutral.

If you can not go all the way down with out your heels coming up, that is fine.  Just work within your current range of motion, over time the depth will come.

The staggered squat and seiza (kneeling) position will frequently come up in GroundFlow, so I would like you to begin getting familiar with the positions.

When you begin the squat portion of the workout try and be conscious of your breathing.

10 squats exhaling on the way down, inhale on the way up

10 squats inhaling on the way down, exhale on the way up

Then do as many as you can holding your breath.  Don't rush these, try and stay relaxed and at the same speed as the first 20, if you can only do 1-3 holding your breath, that is fine.  You will build up the reps over time.

Try and perform the "work out" each day, as we will build on this in the coming weeks.  On the days you feel good do more, on the days you don't feel too great or are pressed for time, just do a little bit.