Breath work drills for GroundFlow

by Ken Froese on

As part of the GoFit challenege for the next 10 weeks, I will be posting weekly videos of ground based movement drills.  

For the first week I would like to begin with two breathing awareness drills, as the ability to consciously control our breath directly effects the quality of our movement.

The average person takes 22,000 breaths a day without ever thinking about it. When you sit in a chair, do you sit on an inhale, exhale or hold your breath? 

Throughout your day, whenever you sit or rise from a chair try and consciously be aware of where in the breath cycle you are. As you descend into a chair try and do so on an exhale, rise on an inhale. Try and avoid holding your breath as that usually increases tension in the body.

The next drill can be performed whenever you are walking. In this drill we will learn to control and extend our inhale and exhale.  As you begin walking, inhale through your nose for 3 steps, then exhale through your mouth for 3 steps.  Once you are comfortable there begin working your way up, inhale for 5 steps, exhale for 5 etc.

Its a great drill for learning to control your breathing and pair breath work with movement.

Next week we will begin with basic movements.


Ken Froese