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Welcome to gofit

It's fantastic you're here. Congratulations. And thank you! you're making yourselves and your environment smarter and more creative, just by moving a little more - it's true!

As for the challenge, the goal is simple: make your movement minutes each week - where anything that feels right to YOU as a movement minute, is a movement minute.

You can see how your team is doing, too, and encourage each other to make your minutes each week.

If you'd like to talk about goFIT - share your experiences - perhaps challenge other teams to a little friendly engagement.

1) WE are NOW on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/gofit2015 and we have the #gofit15 twitter hashtag.

2) LOG YOUR MINUTES by hitting the "My GoFIT" tab above.

3) Tweet your goFITTing photos with the #goFIT15 tag (we're working on a fix with the nice folks of TWITTER to get our hashtagged items to show up on the homepage here.)

4) PLEASE TWEET any finds of good foods, restaurants, activities that fit the gofit way #gofit15

5) Questions? Join the discussion on facebook. OTher Questions? please see the FAQ;  

NOW, about goFIT:

This is a team challenge where teams of 5-8 people support each other in the very simple goal of the challenge: let's move MORE. 

We're designed to move: when we move our whole bodies even a little, amazing things happen to us hormonally, neurologically, physically, psychologically and socially. Amazingly, they're all GOOD things, too. If we're stressed, movement helps burn off our elevated flight or fight hormones and lets us get to a safer, happier place. Movement helps our body remember that all these joints actually are required to be mobile, and so keeps feeding them nutrients to stay healthy. Movement helps our body practice balance, one of the key senses we have to navigate the world. Movement can help deal with hunger pangs. And for the brain, movement can help get a mental shift that can lead to the next breakthrough - often a whole lot faster than staying at a desk and trying to wrestle an idea to the ground.

Move More Support System

To support Moving More, the goFIT Challenge Site makes it easy for you and your team to track how you're moving now, and how to help you and your team move more each week.

Movement Reflection

The goFIT site also has blog space so that you and your team can track your progress/experience around moving more. You can opt to keep your blog private, share it with your team, or open it to the world. There will be prizes for the best blog over the challenge.

Movement Support: Expert Resources on Diet, Sleep, Cells and Joints

Many of us might take up the goFit Challenge either to feel better, start to get in better shape or to burn some extra fat. To help connect moving more with these goals, we have special weekly sections from experts on Diet, Sleep/Recovery, Cellular Health and Joint Mobility.

Each week our experts will also select questions posted on their pages to address in the following week'd post.

Movement works on  many levels of the body.

Movement Opportunities: On and around Campus

There are a TON of activities happening on campus to help jump start your Movement Minutes. Each week, we'll have posts from Sport and Wellbeing, SUSU and the Faculty of Medicine about things you can do on and around campus from swimming to sailing, and why doing them might be a good idea - with easy ways to test your progress.

Movement Minutes as Movement Snacks

Beyond the big things like working our, joining up with your teams to walk to a healthy lunch, the goFIT challenge provides opportunities for Movement Snacks. Movement Snacks are a concept from Exuberant Animal author Frank Forencich talks about in his book "Stresscraft." The idea is when feeling tired, tight, slow, anything in the dull space - have a movment snack: treat yourself to a walk down and up a flight of stairs; stand up and swing your arms side to side; close your eyes and take some deep breaths - even squish your eyes - gently - these can have amazingly positive effects - and they can count as movment minutes.

What IS a Movement Minute?

Anything you want to count as a Movement Minute counts:

walking to the bus; walking from your car to the office (maybe park a little further away to give yourself a few more movement minutes); working out at the gym; playing a game in the park with your friends or your kids. It's up do you. If you work out alot already, walking to work may not count for you; if you're just starting to walk more, that walk from the car may absolutely count. It's up to you. Just remember to add your minutes into your My GoFIT page.

What hapens with the Movement Minute Data?

Your data is yours: at any point you can download the data you've entered into the goFIT site and keep it as a text file or a spread sheet. We will never sell your data or email address or any info you give us. While we ask questions like "do you currently have a workout routine?" or "what sports do you enjoy?" you do not have to give us any of that information. IF you do, it's great and helps us build a better health resource, but you do not have to tell us anything about yourself to participate. We are not collecting any data about you from anywhere else either.

One of the key benefits of the goFIT challenge is the opportunity to get a better picture of how we engage with health and wellbeing practices over time.

While companies like Facebook and Google keep all the data we give them, and sell it on to advertisers, we're creating a fully anonymized, Open Data Resource. That means that you'll be helping to build a data resource that will help all of us see things like, folks who recorded their progress in blogs seemed to stay with the challenge and had better results at the end of four weeks. Or people who tweeted health tips to their team members upped their team times faster than people who didn't - and knowing these things, how might developers build better tools to help us perform better for our Health and Wellbeing? Or how might these findings support work place policy to say - wow, the people who participated in the challenge and went for afternoon walks of 15minutes seemed to be happier and perform better when they came back. We should make it a policy that anyone who wants to go for an afternoon walk can do so.

Becuase our data will be Open in this way, it becomes a resource for social good. So thank you.


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